SUNDAY: 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.






301 Hays Country Acres

Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

Rev. Chris Caddell







Whether you are seeking information, transferring from another mission or parish or seeking a place to worship,  Holy Spirit is delighted to have you join our church family.

  • Mission Statement

    We are a community of Christians bound together by our belief that Holy Scripture contains the very core of all Christian faith and thought and these ancient stories connect us to Jesus and his teachings. Additionally, we discover God's hope and call to us through our life together.


    We live out these core beliefs through:

    • Worship and parish programs

    • Reaching out to the community

    • Sharing our story with others

    • Seeking God's love together in study and prayer

    • Giving of our means and talents to the greater purpose of God's work

  • Staff

    RECTORThe Rev. Chris CaddellemailblogASSOCIATE PRIESTThe Rev. Larry BoydemailPARISH ADMINISTRATORShelley McNairemailSCHOOL DIRECTORMelissa MilliganemailCHOIR DIRECTOR & PIANISTVirginia Volpeemail

  • Vestry

    The Vestry is a nine member board elected by the congregation to manage the temporal affairs of the church, as well as provide leadership and guidance for the parish as a whole.  Members are elected for a three year term and meet monthly throughout the year.

  • Diocese of West Texas

    Holy Spirit Church & School is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.  For more information about the diocese, please visit the website www.dwtx.org.


If you wish to learn more about  Holy Spirit, becoming a member, or receiving instruction for baptism, confirmation or reception, please contact us.